About Us
Transform your Home into a mobile controlled masterpiece

Big Supplier is providing the service to automate your house.Would you even consider throwing out your TV remote in favor of getting up to change the channel or volume? Not us! You'd have to pry our remotes away from us, kicking and screaming. That's what home automation is all about: the comfort, convenience and security of little devices like TV remotes. Once you have them, you can't imagine life without them.Now, imagine extending the simple conveniences you already have, a little at a time, to include control for lighting, appliances, entertainment components, heating and air conditioning, communication, security, draperies and blinds and more – from anywhere and everywhere, automatically and remotely. That's a smart home – and that's Home Controls.


You'll get peace of mind knowing your family is protected with a security system when you automate your home. Security systems include control panels, keypads, sensors, sirens, locks, lights, access control and more. You can choose an integrated wired system or an easy-to-install wireless automated house system